October 17, 2017
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Ascension Soccer in Chesterfield, Missouri

General Information

Finding Information on This Site:

The tabs across the top contain information that will be of interest to people coming to our website.  Each of these tabs will have supporting pages that you can access by moving your cursor over the tab.  Here's a brief overview of the information that we plan to add under each tab.

Ascension Soccer:  This is the Home or Main tab.  It will have general information about the program, including practice and game schedules when finalized.

Soccer Tournament: Information on our annual preseason tournament.

CYC League:  This tab will have information that is relevant to parents, coaches and parents in the CYC League (Grades 2 - High School).

Training League:  This tab will have information that is relevant to parents, coaches and parents in the Ascension In House Training League (grades Pre-K - 1st Grade).

Field Info:  This tab will become important the day of your first practice or the Saturday morning of your first game.  It contains information about the fields we practice and play on.

Coaches:  This tab will have information relevant to coaches.

Referees:  This tab will have information relevant to referees.

Contact Us: Email listing of the volunteers that manage the Ascension soccer program


Quick Links:

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Team Formation

Team formation can be a sensitive subject, as some players and parents want to play on a specific team or with a specific coach.  We try to accommodate requests where possible, but we have established Team Formation Guidelines for coordinators to use in forming teams.  When registering for an Ascension team you can request to play on a certain team or with a certain player, but we cannot guarantee we can accommodate all requests. 

It is the grade coordinator’s responsibility to form the teams at a given grade level… not a coach of a team at that level.  Please do not ask the coaches if your child can play on their team. 

Below are some of the considerations for team formation.

  • The team the player was on the previous year.
  • The school the player attends. 
  • CYC requires that a player live within the Ascension parish boundaries or is a registered member of the parish or attends Ascension school or Ascension PSR to play on an Ascension team.
  • The subdivision the player lives in.  CYC requires that a player live within the Ascension parish boundaries or is a registered member of the parish to play on an Ascension team. 
  • The number of players assigned to each team at the grade level.  We try to keep the number of players on a team consistent across the teams when possible.

Ascension does not conduct try-outs or allow coaches to hand-pick their teams.  Grade coordinators form teams based on the Ascension Team Formation Guidelines.

The Ascension Team Formation Guidelines can be found on the Forms and Publications page.



 It's Raining!  How do I find out if my game is rained out?

If your game is a training league game or home game at CVAC, call the CVAC Field Conditions line at 636-537-4770 option 1, 2.   Please listen to announcement carefully as some they may not close all the fields.  Know the field number you are playing on before you call.

You may also check the City of Chesterfield Field Status link:


If your game is at another field, click on the How Do I Get There?  Link (see box on left) to find directions to the away field.  When you click on the field link of the map page, it not only provides an address, but also provides a field conditions number.

Please check an hour before the game and before you leave for the field, since conditions can change quickly at the field. 


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